Be Present

“Be Present”
Being present is being available to be part of a relationship.
Being present requires casting self aside and focusing on the needs of others.
Being present means that sacrifice has been made.
Being present takes a deliberate effort to “Be Present”.
Being present is a way of life.
Being present is more than just attending, it’s being part of a moment.
Being present can change the world.
Be Present!!!

Much Love,


2 responses to “Be Present

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  2. So true, Sean! Being present is so UNDER rated in our fast paced, quick fix, drive thru society. Being present is a must for any good relationship, any quality work, any fond memory. We multi-task and hyper-text way too often to BE PRESENT. We need to STOP, BREATHE, GAZE, EMBRACE, PONDER, RELISH. I’m so glad this is the topic for Catalyst 2011. I see glimpses of hope as the pendulum of society begins to shift back to the truly important things of life.

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